Lien Vanneste and Jessica Kotlowitz

Hello, I’m Lien!

I’m an expert planner, vegan home cook and, neat freak!

My hope is to empower you to to eat nutritious meals, without spending lots of money or hours in the kitchen.

I’m your newest go-to girlfriend inspiring you to rock your weekly vegan meal prep party.

Vegan Meal Prep Benefits

  • Vegan meal prep can help you save money and time
  • Eat more nutritious meals
  • Find peace of mind, by being able to go about your busy days without having to decide which meals to cook or buy
  • Contribute to reducing the extensive suffering of animals and the environmental degradation, which is the consequence of the animal agriculture industry!

How Vegan Meal Prep Sunday Was Born

On the 1st of April of 2018, I started an Instagram page which I coined Vegan Meal Prep Sunday. You can read my first post here. Initially, the page was a record of my weekly meal preps. As the page grew, I started to develop and share vegan recipes which were suitable for meal prep and other vegan meal prep tips and tricks. In 2019, I realised I wanted to share this information in a more user-friendly way for all of you.

With the help of my software genius partner, Dinesh (I’m not biased), I embarked on building Vegan Meal Prep Sunday into the online resource it is today. We’re dedicated to help you feel empowered to eat nutritious vegan meals, the meal prep way. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the most incredible team