Spaghetti Bolognese

I grew up eating spaghetti bolognese on a weekly basis because it was the one dish my sister and I never complained about eating as kids. Being thirty-something hasn't stopped me from enjoying this childhood favourite - in fact, it is the dish that I meal prep most frequently!  It… Read more

Banana Bread Muffins: The First VMPS Breakfast Recipe

This is the 10th recipe on this blog and the first-ever breakfast recipe. I'm so proud to celebrate this milestone by bringing you these banana bread muffins. I promise you, these muffins will be the tastiest breakfast muffins you ever had. This recipe is effortless to whip up in the… Read more

Vegan Lentil Bobotie: A Tribute to South Africa’s Heritage Day

Hello, preppers! Chloe here - content contributor at VMPS. While I’m usually behind the scenes when it comes to creating content for you all, this time I’m front and centre in introducing this truly local South African dish, Bobotie, just in time for Heritage Day. This lentil bobotie dish was… Read more

Brazilian-style Beans with Rice

My inspiration for this recipe certainly wasn’t incidental... My partner is a Brazilian national and while we currently reside in South Africa, he was born and raised in the vibrant South American country.  I was lucky enough to visit Brazil in 2019 and enjoy the insanely delicious local cuisine. One… Read more

Getting started: A guide to Storage Containers for Meal Prep

One of the first things you need to get started with meal prep is the right containers. Storage containers for meal prep should be sizeable, easily transportable, leak-free, and don’t break the bank.  I’ve been meal prepping for years, and over that time it’s become clear that certain designs and… Read more

5 Tips to Save Time During Meal Prep

I think we can all agree that one of the main reasons we opt for preparing meals for days to come is so that we have more time for other activities during those days to come. When it comes to time management while working full-time, taking care of my new… Read more

Marinated Tofu Poke Bowl

One of my favourite takeaways is a poke bowl from The Poke Co in Cape Town, where I reside. I used to live in Loop Street, a hop skip and a jump away from one of their eateries and when I had no meal prep on hand at lunchtime, I… Read more

Customized Instant Tofu Miso Soup

I personally can't go out for a sushi dinner without starting off with a tummy-hugging miso soup! Not only is it really tasty but it’s considerably high in protein too, in the form of tofu. Especially since veggie sushi is usually lacking in significant protein content. Another tip to add… Read more

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad Bowl

No microwave at your workplace? Not much time to meal prep on a Sunday? This no-reheat, super easy Mediterranean quinoa salad bowl is your kinda meal prep recipe. The time saving secret to this recipe is that it barely involves any cooking. Yet, it is the kind of salad bowl… Read more

Thai Green Curry with Jasmine Rice

Thai cuisine has always been one of my favourite flavour destinations. Both times I've travelled to Thailand, I've come home inspired to get into the kitchen and recreate the flavours! For this Thai green curry with jasmine rice, I decided to make an easy fresh green curry paste with lemongrass,… Read more