8 Eco-Conscious Kitchen Pantry Organization Hacks To Maximize Your Storage Space

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In this post, you will learn kitchen pantry organization hacks to maximize your storage space in an eco-conscious way.

kitchen organization pantry

If you are like me and don’t have a walk-in or butler pantry separated from your kitchen, you most probably dedicated one large or several smaller of your kitchen cabinets to storing food. These cabinets can quickly feel cluttered and chaotic!

After having lived in my fair share of apartments with tiny kitchens, I have picked up a few hacks that really helped me to maximize storage space. In my current kitchen, I managed to implement my favorite hacks and I’m here to let you in on them!

I hope these hacks help you to get your kitchen pantry organised and feel twice its size.

This post is all about eco-conscious kitchen pantry organization hacks!

Eco-Conscious Kitchen Pantry Organization Hacks:

1. Arrange Natural Baskets On Top Of Your Cabinets

kitchen organization pantry

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If your goal is to maximize your kitchen pantry space, you need to utilize every bit of vertical space! So why not arrange natural baskets on top of your cabinets to store the items you don’t use frequently? I don’t bake very often, so I like to dedicate a basket on top of my kitchen cabinets to consolidate my baking supplies.

2. Store Dry Goods In Clear Glass Containers

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Stock up on different sizes of clear glass containers and you will end the hunt through mountains of cardboard boxes! Even better, take your containers to the package-free store for a refill of your favourite pantry ingredients.

3. Coordinate Your Containers

Matching your glass containers will give your pantry space a streamlined and neat look. Especially when your storage space is limited, consistency will make all the difference.

4. Label Everything

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Setting yourself up for organizational success starts with allocating a designated spot for everything. Labeling your baskets, containers, and even your recycling bins will never leave you questioning where to store what. Don’t forget to label food containers with the ingredient’s name as well as the purchase or expiry date!

Note that most label makers still use plastic label tape, which is not eco-friendly. My advice is to use them consciously and not print any unnecessary labels.

5. Store Bread In A Bamboo Bread Bin

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Instead of storing your bread in a plastic or paper bag, keep your bread and other baked goods crustier, fresher, and tasting better for longer in a bread bin. It also looks so much neater, gives baked goods a designated spot, and contains space.

6. Clean Out Your Spice Drawer

kitchen organization pantry spice racks

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Chances are you have numerous spice duplicates hiding in the back of your spice drawer. Sounds familiar? Donate your five cinnamon sachets and throw away the expired ones. Then, transfer your spices to coordinated spice jars! You’ll love it!

7. Make A Plan For Larger Food Items

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Do you like to eat a variety of breakfast cereal, have a rice addiction, or want to store your dog’s kibble in your kitchen cabinets? Consider creating a space for larger food items. My partner and I love eating rice and store two 2L clear jars on our pull-out shelve.

8. Pull Out Your Pantry

kitchen organization pantry cupboards

To avoid not being able to get to the stuff that generally gets pushed to the back on deep cabinet shelves, ad some pull-out shelves to your kitchen. They come in all shapes and sizes, but can also be custom made if necessary. My kitchen cabinets feature pull-out shelves with a shallow top shelf, perfect for storing spices!

This post was all about eco-conscious kitchen pantry organization hacks!

Now That Your Kitchen Pantry Is Organized, Try Meal Prep:

Don’t forget to share how you are implementing these kitchen pantry organization hacks with me and other fellow VMPS preppers by tagging your posts with #veganmealprepsunday. I’d love to see how it turned out!

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