3-Day Meal Plan and Vegan Meal Prep Tips by The Green Dietitian

Hello meal prep friends! If you need some meal inspiration for your next meal prep, continue reading to get your hands on a 3-day meal plan by The Green Dietitian. You will pick up a few meal prep pro tips along the way as well..

The Green Dietitian, Jessica Kotlowitz Registered Dietitian

I’m so excited to introduce my dear friend Jessica Kotlowitz, as our first featured meal prep friend on the Vegan Meal Prep Sunday blog. Jessica is a registered dietitian and many of you know her as The Green Dietitian. For years, she has inspired others, including myself, to better their knowledge of food and relationship with eating, and promotes healthy and easy to make plant-based meals. 

Vegan Meal Prep Sunday aligns with her fuss-free food philosophy, empowering plant-based eaters to stay healthy in the long run without standing in the kitchen all day. It seemed only natural to check in with Jess to find out how a typical meal prep looks like for her as well as her advice for meal prep beginners!

3-day meal plan

Like many people, Jessica prepares three days’ worth of meals as her meal prep routine. She plans her meals, using a meal planner template.

Once she knows which meals she will be prepping, she shops for the necessary groceries. With groceries on hand, she gets the meal prep party started. For her next #veganmealprepsunday she will be cooking the following:

Why meal prep?

Jess, again like many of us, struggles to find the time to prepare healthy meals every day. For her, meal prep is the only practical and simple way she can maintain a nutritious diet. It allows her to live a healthy lifestyle in an achievable way!

Tips for meal prep beginners

Jessica also has great advice for meal prep beginners, like starting small by meal prepping one bulk dish or a side dish.

She also recommends keeping an eye on the Vegan Meal Prep Sunday social media accounts to get your daily dose of meal prep tips and inspiration!

Don’t forget to share your meals with me and other fellow VMPS preppers by tagging your posts with #veganmealprepsunday. I’d love to see how your meals turned out!

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