5 Fun Vegan Halloween Treats That Are Also Easy To Make

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If you are anything like me, then any opportunity to experiment with fun treats is an opportunity you won’t miss. I particularly enjoy experimenting with holiday-inspired treats, because special occasions bring me so much joy. Every time snack time comes around, it’s a cause for celebration!

1. Vegan Mummy Hot Dogs

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Mummy dogs are the cutest Halloween treat, that will please any crowd – young and old. The sausage centre is wrapped in a flaky, crispy pastry that will make your taste buds dance with happiness and make you forget about the spooky side of the season. They are also much easier to make than you’d think, even with a crumbly pastry! This recipe is an absolute must-try!

Find the recipe here: Vegan Mummy Hot Dogs

2. Home-Made Vegan Candy Eyes

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Who doesn’t love a little eye candy? These vegan googly eyes are the perfect touch to any dish you’re trying to make “creepy” for Halloween but are also perfectly enjoyed on its own.

Find the recipe here: How To Make Vegan Googly Eyes

3. Mandarin Orange “Pumpkins”

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This snack is so easy, that it doesn’t even require a recipe. You simply peel your mandarin orange and then add a piece of celery stalk to give it the final pumpkin touch. A delicious sweet and spicy treat. Have you ever loved eating mandarin oranges more? I think not!

4. Carrot “Pumpkins” With Spooky Black Bean Hummus

vegan Halloween snacks

Veggies and hummus is a snack which I enjoy all year round, but I particularly love giving it a Halloween spin by shaping the carrots as little pumpkins and making hummus out of black beans instead of chickpeas. Super easy and super tasty!

Find the recipe for the black bean hummus here: Spooky Black Bean Hummus

5. Candy

vegan Halloween candy

Last, but certainly not least, I’m spotlighting store-bought vegan candy. Most vegans don’t know just how much of the sweet treats on our shelves are accidentally vegan, and believe me there are far more than you’d imagine. Aside from the accidentally vegan offerings, there are also plenty of speciality brands, offering vegan versions of traditionally non-vegan candy. My absolute favourite candy is Skittles, and I also swear by vegan marshmallows, particularly the vanilla marshmallows by Freedom Confectionery. Those are a must-try!

Buy vegan marshmallows here: Gluten Free Vanilla Marshmallows

Don’t forget to share your snacks with me and other fellow VMPS preppers by tagging your posts with #veganmealprepsunday. I’d love to see how your meals turned out!

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