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As a Marketing Manager with more than five years of experience, I’ve helped companies improve their ROI with Brand Development, Digital Marketing, Web Content & Social Media Management.

Through Vegan Meal Prep Sunday, I’m able to connect and work with companies that have similar values and visions. As a marketing professional, there’s nothing more rewarding than working with brands I whole-heartedly believe in.

Below I will share some of the services I offer to help you grow your brand, but the possibilities are not limited to that list. If you are in need of a different service, let’s talk!

Let’s explore your brand marketing possibilities together!

Marketing Management

  • Brand Development: I will develop a unique and personalized brand book for your brand, detailing your brand purpose, brand positioning, and brand personality. This is the essential foundation of any brand presence.
  • Web Content Development: I will determine the content that your website requires in order for it to be a high-converting website, allowing you maximum ROI.
  • Social Media Management: Once you have clarity on your brand identity, I will establish your social media profiles and work out a social media strategy. Don’t have the capacity to manage your social media profiles? I can manage your social profiles from A-Z.
  • Social Media Profile Review: Are your social media profiles set up, but not helping you improve your ROI? I can review your profile and give you all my best tips to improve your profile.
  • Marketing Consultancy: Are you facing any digital marketing challenges? I’m available for consultations to answer all your questions.

Brand Collaborations

  • Do you have a product you think my audience would love? Together we can create great content, such as product reviews, recipe development, advertisement, and sponsored posts. These collaborations include my honest opinion about your product, stunning product photography, and my creative touch.

What It’s Like To Work With Lien

“I absolutely loved working with Lien. She helped me to create a professional brand identity and social media marketing strategy and within the first month, my income doubled and stayed double for 3 months, before again increasing dramatically”. – Jessica Kotlowitz, The Green Dietitian

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