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This is a list of my all-time favorite vegan meal prep essentials that I would buy a million times again. From my favorite meal prep containers to must-have kitchen gadgets, I’d recommend them to everyone who likes meal prep.

My Favourite Meal Prep Containers:

1. Glass Meal Prep Container (For Meals That Need To Be Reheated)

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2. Stainless Steel Meal Prep Container (For No Reheat Meals)

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3. 500 ml Jar (For Breakfast Jars)

Le_Parfait_Super_Terrine_500ml_French_Glass_Canning_Jar_w Straight_Body_Airtight_Rubber_Seal_&_Glass_Lid_16oz Pint_(Single_Jar)_Stainless_Wire
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4. 1000 ml Jar With Screw Top (For Salad Jars)

Le_Parfait_Screw_Top_Jar_1L_Wide_Mouth_French_Glass_Storage_Jar_w Orange Plastic_Lid_32oz Quart_(Single_Jar)
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5. 750 ml Jar (For Soup Jars)

Le_Parfait_Super_Jar_750ml_French_Glass_Canning_Jar_w Round_Body_Airtight_Rubber_Seal_&_Glass_Lid_24oz Pint_&_Half_(Single_Jar)_Stainless_Wire
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Freezer Pods I Use (For Freezer Meals):

1. 2-Cup Freezer Pods

2 Cup Freezer Pods
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2. 1-Cup Freezer Pods

1-Cup Freezer Pods
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My Kitchen Organization Essentials:

1. Blind Corner Cabinet Pull-Out Organizer (To Maximize Space In Corner Cabinets)

Blind Corner Cabinet Pull-Out Organizer
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2. Open Shelving (For Extra Kitchen Storage Space)

Floating Rustic Wood Shelves, 4 Sets of Wall Mounted Shelf (Carbonized Black)
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3. Expandable Cabinet Shelf (For Extra Cabinet Storage Space)

Expandable Metal Cabinet Organizer Pantry Shelf
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4. Pot And Pan Organizer (To Maximize Cabinet Space)

SimpleHouseware Cabinet Pantry Pot and Pan Organizer Holder Rack, Bronze
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5. Adjustable Drawer Dividers (To Keep Your Drawers Organized)

Adjustable Drawer Dividers
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6. Turntables (To Maximze Kitchen And Refrigerator Space)

2 Pack Non Skid Lazy Susan Turntable Cabinet Organizer - 360 Degree Rotating Spice Rack - 12 Inch Spinning Pantry, Kitchen, Countertop, Vanity Display Stand White / Gray
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7. Non-Skid Tiered Spice Rack (To Organize Your Spice Cabinet)

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8. Airtight Food Storage Container Set (To Decant Your Pantry Staples In)

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9. Labels For Your Food Storage Containers

Labels For Your Food Storage Containers
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10. Vertical Dividers (To “File” Baking Sheets and Muffin Tins)

Vertical Wooden Dividers to "File" Baking Sheets and Muffin Tins
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11. Storage Bins (To Store Backstock in Pantry)

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12. Baskets (To Use The Space Above The Cabinets)

Vintiquewise Natural Woven Water Hyacinth Wicker Rectangular Storage Bin Basket with Handles
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My On The Go Essentials:

1. Insulated Water Bottle

Blue Insulated Water Bottle
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2. Insulated Coffee Mug

White or Light Gray Insulated Coffee Mug
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My Favourite Kitchen Appliances And Gadgets:

1. Food Processor

KitchenAid Easy Store Food Processor, 7 Cup, Onyx Black - KFP0718OB Model
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2. Instant Pot

Instant Pot
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3. Air fryer

Air fryer
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4. Blender

OmniBlend V Black

5. Juicer

DNA Raw Press Slow Juicer Charcoal

6. Spiralizer

Spyra-Gyra Spiral Slicer

My Favourite Water Filter:

10 Litres, Brazilian Clay Water Filter, Brown Stéfani São João
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