How To Organize Your Kitchen For Optimal Efficiency

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Does your kitchen space stress you out, because you feel overwhelmed by chaos, every time you step foot in it? Take a breath! This post will help you tackle the space, so you can transform the chaos into a functional space that allows you to operate efficiently!

How To Organize Your Kitchen For Optimal Efficiency

Kitchen organization for efficiency is an easy 5-step system:

  1. Eliminate what you don’t need
  2. Consolidate what you need
  3. Organize your kitchen by zones
  4. Personalize your space
  5. Habitualize what works for you

Let’s have a look at the five steps, I promise it won’t be overwhelming. We will start small and take it one step at a time.

This post is all about Kitchen Organization For Efficiency!

1. Eliminate What You Don’t Need

To be optimally efficient in your kitchen, you need to get rid of everything you don’t need. Stuff that you don’t need is simply in the way!

Start small and go through your kitchen cabinets, one at a time. Don’t just take everything out of all your cabinets in one go. I know that is what they do on Netflix shows, but when you are tackling your kitchen by yourself, this is bound to end in disaster.

Keep what helps you be your most efficient self in the kitchen! Eliminate what prevents you from achieving optimal efficiency!

For example, during my last kitchen edit, I got rid of my slow cooker. I passionately disliked it because it was small and didn’t fit the large quantities of curries I like to meal prep. Getting rid of this appliance that didn’t serve my needs, allowed me to reorganize my other appliances in a way that makes them easier accessible. More accessible appliances, more efficient chef! Got it?

Another gadget I recently got rid of is a broken salad spinner! After serving me right for the last 9 years, I knew it was time to upgrade it to one that does work and thus helps me function more efficiently in my kitchen.

Last but not least, I got rid of this cool-looking garlic grater that I never used because I prefer using a garlic press.

Things you should consider eliminating from your kitchen for optimal efficiency:

  • Duplicates
  • Broken gadgets and appliances
  • Neglected gadgets and appliances

Side note: before you start eliminating stuff, think about what you will do with it once you removed it from your kitchen. Will you sell it? Will you donate it? Make a plan beforehand. The last thing you want is for your eliminated kitchen items to become a pile in your garage or basement.

2. Consolidate What You Need

Once you eliminated everything you don’t need, it is time to figure out what you do need to be efficient.

This means keeping your favorite kitchen gadgets and appliances. But also, investing in kitchen gadgets and appliances you don’t have yet, which are bound to improve efficiency!

I for one recently invested in a set of mixing bowls for the first time and it has made a world of difference. I previously used a fruit bowl, whenever I mixed dough or made falafel mix. This meant, emptying my fruit bowl and cleaning it every time I needed it for prep, which was obviously not very efficient. Who knew a set of mixing bowls could be life-changing?

3. Organize Your Kitchen By Zones

Once you eliminated everything you don’t need and consolidated everything you do need, it’s time to organize and put everything you have in its place.

This is my favorite step.

Don’t get excited and start buying all the organization bins and turntables. I have an important tip to share first!

To be optimally efficient in the kitchen, you should organize your kitchen by zones! This means, organizing your kitchen based on where something happens. Trust me, this is the best kitchen organization tip you will ever receive, no matter how obvious it may seem.

Organize what you have

Most kitchens have 5 zones:

  • Food storage zone (fridge, freezer, and pantry)
  • Non-food storage zone (dishware, glassware, cutlery, appliances, etc)
  • Prep zone (featuring a good amount of work surface)
  • Cooking zone (featuring oven and stove)
  • Cleaning zone (featuring sink and dishwasher)

When you organize your kitchen according to these zones, your workflow and efficiency will dramatically improve.

I recently moved all my prepping gadgets, such as my knives, cutting boards, mixing bowls, salad spinner, graters, etc to the cupboard underneath the counter where I do most of my prep work, and the improvement in my workflow has blown my mind.

4. Personalize Your Space

To be optimally efficient in your kitchen space, it is important to personalize it according to your personal preference. If you feel like yourself in your space, it will be easier to operate efficiently.

For me, aside from functionality, I prioritize aesthetics in my space. I like for everything to look pretty. This might sound vain, but it makes me feel good and at home. I also like to listen to podcasts or youtube videos while prepping, so I make sure to always have my Bluetooth earphones close by.

I’d love to know how you personalize your kitchen space. Let me know, by leaving a comment below.

5. Habitualize What Works For You

Once you have eliminated, consolidated, organized, and personalized, it’s time to habitualize!

If you know me, you know I believe in the power of habit!

In the context of efficiency in the kitchen, I believe in setting up the space in a way that accommodates you and then maintaining the setup. Make a habit of putting everything back in its place as soon as you used it. If you enjoy waking up in the morning to a neat kitchen, make a habit of filling up and running the dishwasher every night before you go to sleep.

When you routinely repeat these processes, they will become automatic and you will do it consistently without effort. And that’s how you will be able to maintain a kitchen that works for you.

Learn more about the power of habit in the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg!

Did you find this post helpful? Don’t forget to let me know, by leaving a comment below.

This post was all about Kitchen Organization For Efficiency!

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